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    The Black Cherry Bombshells

    Ultra-violent girl gangs fight for supremacy of a doomed future where all men have been mutated into flesh eating zombies. In Las Vegas the Black Cherry Bombshells, Led by the outcast Regina, are gaining a reputation as the baddest bootleggers in town. That doesn't sit well with a powerful, local crime boss; the woman they call 'The King.'

    Splinter: Just you have something against men? ^_^ Had to ask.
    John: No, we love men... but not like that.
    Tony: We don't hate men, we just love zombies.

    Splinter: Where did you harness the inspiration/what were the motivating factors in bringing this comic to life?
    Tony: The idea was an old movie script that John and I were throwing around. When DC announced that they were taking open submission with Zuda Comics, we jumped at the opportunity.

    Splinter: How old were you when you first got into comics? And what's the difference between comics back then and now? Were your parents ok with comics when you were a kid or did you not get into them until later?
    John: At a very young age, my parents encouraged me to read- even if it were comics. The main difference between then and now is the price. Except for our comic, which is free :)
    Tony: I'm a humor comic fan for as long as I can remember. Started with Calvin and Hobbes and but my favorite right now is XKCD.

    Splinter: What do you think about people who say there's a voodoo pharmacology effect with comics, ie kids read "bad" comics makes them do bad things?
    Tony: Nonsense. If it's not a comic book, then its a video game, or a Judas Priest record. Parents take responsibility for your kids please.
    John: I wonder what comics Hitler read...

    Splinter: As a web comic group what do you think about net neutrality and locking down the internets? Supposedly suppose to officially be here by 2012...
    John: No one law will fix all the problems. Eternal vigilance, it's a never ending battle.
    Tony: Isn't that the same year that the Mayan calendar turns us all to dust?

    Splinter: What do you think about comic cons getting so big with the integration of movies and video games?
    John: This is good, comics being recognized as the first draft for all the world's major film and television franchises. If not a second life in some cases.
    Tony: I kept saying that NYCC looked like the internet threw up on New York City, however the more the merrier.

    Splinter: What is your favorite thing about comic conventions?
    John: Back issues.
    Tony: I really love homemade costumes.

    Splinter: Is there an overall moral/message/theme that you try to get across in your comic or is it more just random meant for entertainment?
    John: There is a message in everything but it's up to the reader to take what they want. The white whale isn't always a fucking white whale.

    Splinter: Where to from here?
    Tony: We have ideas for 5 seasons of Black Cherry Bombshells at 60 pages a piece. It's up to the readers to keep liking us and leaving us super nice comments :)

    Splinter: Any closing thoughts?
    Make sure to check out Black Cherry Bombshells ( every Wednesday for updates and our Myspace page ( for hot behind the scenes action.

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